Internet Connection Services That Can Be Customised To your requirements

The internet is one of the main needs for global society. Realizing that business people in Indonesia need optimal internet connection services to be able to keep up with world industrial developments, SBPnet has developed a form of internet connection service that can be fully adapted to user needs.

Our Product

Dedicated Internet Access ( DIA )

Dedicated internet is a service to connect to the Internet 24 hours using various access methods according to company needs. Dedicated Internet is more faster and more stable connection than broadband. The most important thing on dedicated Internet, has same upload and download speed, namely with a 1:1 ratio

  • Stable and Fast
  • more stable because dedicated internet is only dedicated to one user or company only.
  • Scalability
  • Dedicated internet can also be adjusted to suit company needs.
  • Guaranteed Security
  • provides firewalls and security systems that can support company networks from cyber attacks.
  • Private Network
  • Dedicated can be used to form a private network (VPN) to connect company or branch locations.
  • SLA Guarantee (Service Level Agreement)
  • These requirements usually consist of the level of reliability, recovery time, and guaranteed service availability.


    Broadband Internet is an internet connection that usually used at home, where the speed and performance are shared between each user/device. If the use of the internet is “light”, then users will feel faster speed and performance. Conversely, if each user performs “heavy” activities, the internet speed will decrease.

    • Multitasking Ability
    allow users to carry out several online activities simultaneously, such as surfing the internet, sending email, and downloading files.
    • Stable Connection
    more stable compared to dial-up connections. This allows users to carry out online activities such as video streaming, video calls and online games more smoothly without significant disruption.
    • Wider Availability
    more widely available throughout the world, including in rural and remote areas. This allows more people to access the internet easily and without geographic restrictions.
    • High Internet Speed
    much higher internet speeds compared to other internet technologies such as dial-up. This allows users to download and upload data quickly and easily.
    • Various Services Available (Service Level Agreement)
    enable users to access various online services such as video streaming, cloud services, and online gaming. This provides a more complete and engaging online experience for users.
    • Affordable Costs
    broadband internet costs may be more expensive than dial-up internet costs, these costs are still affordable and commensurate with the speed and stability of the internet connection offered.

    Local Loop ( L2)

    Connectivity services to connect the head office network to branch offices throughout Indonesia, from office to warehouse, from office to data center with selected media such as Fiber Optic, Wireless and VSAT. Topologically, this service supports point-to-point, multipoint-to-multipoint or point-to-multipoint. or usually called an end-to-end service by sending a service mac address or Layer 2

    • Bandwidth is more stable
    Service users can divide and determine the bandwidth that will be used for data communication with service providers.
    • Availability Level
    With stable bandwidth from this service, network downtime can be minimized, so that communication service levels will be maintained.
    • High level of security
    This service network is private because it can only be used by users who are connected to one another. So this is an added value for the security of data traffic from one point to another.
    • Cost efficiency
    This service network is private because it can only be used by users who are connected to one another. So this is an added value for the security of data traffic from one point to another.

    Manage Service

    SBP Net Manage Service is a service that provides monitoring and handling clients’ IT resources on a regular basis. This service covers for all network devices, including Internet, routers, switch, wifi, firewall, bandwidth management at clients’ site.

    • Improving Employee Performance
    it can help improve the performance of company employees. You can imagine if a company has 1000 employees and their activities are often hampered by 1-2 hours a day, then the company has experienced wasted costs of 1000-2000 hours a day. If calculated using the standard UMR salary of 3 million a month with 9 hours of work a day, the waste that occurs is 16 – 32 million per day or 320 – 640 million a month. So this can also prevent company losses.
    • Reduced business travel
    For government agencies, official travel undertaken by several employees can result in financial waste. So having an internal communication system such as voice or video calls and teleconferences that can be carried out smoothly without interruption can reduce business travel activities.
    • Reduced Need for Physical Asset Inspection
    With the existence of an asset management system, company or government auditors can more easily see through a monitor screen. This can happen because everything contained in the data is connected electronically.


    Leizzure is known for its commitment to providing fast and stable internet access, ensuring that users can enjoy a seamless online experience for both work and leisure activities.
    Specializes in technology solutions for the hospitality industry. Provides easy access to internet access by guests in all areas of the hotel (room/public area).

    • Pay as you Go (with agreement)
    we provide services when you have enjoyed internet services at hotels that use our services.
    • Bandwidth Management
    Appropriate bandwidth distribution will make you surf the internet comfortably without worrying about buffering.
    • Maintenance
    Regular maintenance during each period will ensure that quality is well maintained.
    • Support devices
    We will provide excellent device specifications to support comfortable internet browsing without buffering.
    • Various Services Available
    Broadband networks enable users to access various online services such as video streaming, cloud services, and online gaming. This provides a more complete and engaging online experience for users.
    • No Blind spots
    In this case, the entire hotel area will be covered with internet, both indoors and in public areas.
    • Mainlink and Backuplink
    There is no need to worry if there is a disruption to the main link because failover with backup is available which will ensure stability when one of the links experiences a disruption.


    Rents space for the placement of computer devices to companies whose data center locations are owned by the service provider. Using colocation is similar to renting a storage unit at a large storage rental facility. The company providing the space owns the building. Storage units are offered in the form of racks and cages, but the contents of these containers are the private property of the organization renting the space. Customers are then given 24/7 access to their servers in a securely monitored facility.
    • Cost
    Building an international standard datacenter and operating it requires very expensive costs. Colocation services change initial investment requirements into rentals that can be paid every month.
    • Performance
    businesses need a global presence, but a global presence also means global access to applications and data. Single data centers struggle to support global user demands. Even when businesses invest in expensive network bandwidth, the physical realities of network latency, congestion, and connectivity can degrade workload availability and performance for remote users — potentially impacting user satisfaction and workload utilization. Colocation allows businesses to get workloads and data closer to users in different geographic regions to maintain adequate workload performance without needing to build new facilities.
    • Scalability is negotiable
    Traditional data centers are fixed assets, but an organization’s computing needs may change over time. This may leave traditional data centers underutilized or pushed beyond capacity. Colocation eases this problem, and contracts can be renegotiated to add or remove space or equipment as needs change. A business can engage a colocation provider for current needs and then change those needs over time.

    Starlink Vsat Service

    Bringing Fiber-like Connectivity To Unserved/Underserved Areas to Bridging the Digital Divide in Indonesia Starlink Service is a global internet service provided by SpaceX using a network of satellites to provide fast and affordable internet access to remote or rural areas that are difficult to reach by traditional internet infrastructure. The service utilizes thousands of small satellites that operate in low-earth orbit and offer high speeds and low latency.
    • Low Latency
    50 msec round 1 trip (Fiber-like) The speed obtained is equivalent to using Fiber Optic.
    • High Bandwidth
    up to 500 Mbps per User Terminal.
    • High Reliability
    High Reliability In orbit and reliable Gateway Redundancy.
    • Secure Data Encryption
    Securing data by converting it into an unreadable form without having the appropriate encryption key.
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